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5th Ufka Yolculuk

The subject of this year's competition is The Qur'an in English.

In the present day, when reading habits are not at desired levels, contributing to the growth of individuals who lead their lives by actions like thinking and reading is the primary goal of the Ufka Yolculuk organization. Our effort is to support our people, especially our young generation to meet with authentic sources.

In order to have everybody read the Holy Qur'an, and those who can already read it have an in-depth knowledge and test their knowledge, we have decided that the contest topic would be the English translation of the Qur’an. "The Majestic Quran: An English Rendition of its Meanings" is the recommended book for the contest.

In addition to the online contest, in order to make the participants feel the competition spirit, with our partners, we organized a printed version of the contest in test centres. These printed contests are going to take place the same day and time with the online contest. Moreover, for motivating the participants, we are offering local awards apart from the online contest awards.