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Ufka Yolculuğumuz

What is Ufka Yolculuk” Knowledge and Culture Contests?

The Ufka Yolculuk Knowledge and Culture Contest that will take place this year will be the 5th occasion, which aims to make reference books to be read with an exciting contest format, and that all segments of the society are benefiting from these books.

The path is open! Who wants to come?

Organized by thousands of volunteers, Ufka Yolculuk is Turkey's largest civilian competition organization. In the past four years, our competitions were enrolled by a total of 900 municipalities from all over Turkey and 65 countries of the world. Previous competitions of Ufka Yolculuk are chronologically listed as follows:

1. Ilmihal,

2. The Qur'an in English,

3. The Last Prophet (PBUH) Our Prophet’s Life

4. and Hadith.